SEO and Advertising Friends or enemies?

SEO and Advertising Friends or enemies

SEO and Advertising Friends or enemies?

Are these two interconnected or interdependent concepts? Opinions differ. Therefore, let us look at several different approaches to the aforementioned question:

– Some believe that SEO does not need advertising.

– Others, that advertising does not need SEO.

– There are those who believe that SEO without advertising cannot thrive.

– And those who claim that advertising without SEO almost always fails.


SEO vs Advertising

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the correct way to register a website with search engines, and the proper classification of its content in line with Google’s rules on how to present each website and its content fairly to the public.


This is the process of promoting a product or service to consumers. Using a number of different techniques, advertising aims to interest the public in taking specific actions. Advertising can also be defined as an activity that helps entrepreneurs engage with consumers.


What is their purpose?

SEO’s purpose

SEO’s purpose is to effectively increase a website’s traffic without the use of ads. By “effectively”, we mean that in any user search, search engines should provide the most relevant result in a fair and objective manner in order to make the information useful and satisfy the user.

The purpose of advertising

The purpose of advertising is to attract consumers through various methods and techniques and influence them to serve the advertiser’s goals such as awareness, engagement or conversions


What are their results?

SEO’s results

Are naturally slow but steady. Most website owners do not have the patience needed to wait for results and thus are quickly disappointed. Increasing website traffic can take many months, even years. Yet, once SEO starts to kick in, organic traffic will steadily increase without the need to spend money on advertising.


Has immediate results. It can generate huge reach and attract millions of consumers in one day.

Positive aspects

SEO generates traffic and therefore over time awareness as well.

Advertising generates awareness but not necessarily website traffic.


When they are successful?

For businesses, SEO is successful when it generates sales without the use of ads.

Advertising is successful only when it generates awareness or sales leads, or even a combination of the two.


Can one affect the other?

A successful advertising campaign combined with the wrong or bad SEO practicescan have disastrous consequences, such as driving potential customers away. An advertising campaign, for example, can attract a large audience but lead it to a very bad website (not optimized), or to a website with bad content.

Successful SEO combined with bad advertising creates the conditions for redesigning the advertising campaign. SEO is therefore not affected by an ineffective advertising campaign. The website’s traffic numbers continue to increase.

Real examples

Having conducted many experiments and worked hard to succeed over the years as bloggers, we will share some examples to help you understand more about SEO and advertising:

1st Example

A while ago we published a worldwide unique personality dissertation on a website’s blog, without advertising of any kind. For about a year, the search engines had it “buried” on the web, sending almost no traffic to the dissertation even though the personality’s name exceeded 3,000,000 hits on Google per month. It was the largest dissertation in the world for that particular personality, counting almost 22,000 words. Then, suddenly one day, organic traffic started flowing in and the dissertation now attracts 200 people daily searching for that particular personality. This resulted in $800–1200 profit per day, while other website owners who make a profit out of that personality are paying $4–6 per ad click. All this only cost $2,000 for the creation of the dissertation, and a lot of patience for a year.

2nd Example

In another example, we created several posts, one of which managed to reach more than 1,000,000 impressions on social media, without spending a cent. These impressions led to a significant boost in traffic – a few thousand visitors. That is to say, we increased awareness and traffic without ads and without SEO. However, that website does not receive 20 organic searches a day, because it is not optimized. While that website’s social media platforms have over 150,000 followers, there is no organic or direct traffic whatsoever. This effort lasted about 2 years.


All in all, it is very hard to find someone who knows SEO, since the level of expertise in many countries is limited to writing an article with keywords or maximizing site optimization to generate high traffic. And all that when few people really understand Google’s 200+ algorithms or have essential web development knowledge. As a result, most website owners fall prey to alleged SEO experts without seeing results in the end. When it comes to advertising, it is hard to find someone who has even basic knowledge, since the level of expertise is limited to the creation of a banner and its blunt promotion to a supposedly “targeted” audience. Likes, hearts and shares boost awareness but won’t help increase website traffic or sales: a common example of a failed promotion.


In conclusion, it is widely known that not only is it large corporations being exploited due to ignorance of the subject and field, but small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs as well, who needlessly waste money.

One cannot learn SEO just by watching Backlinko’s and Neil Patel’s videos on YouTube.

One cannot learn advertising just by knowing how platforms like Google Ads and Business Manager work.

Before you press the advertising button, consider:

Does SEO need advertising?

Does advertising need SEO?

The decision is yours to make.

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